About Safire

About Safire

Safire specializes in helping companies improve the value and effectiveness of their finance and accounting functions.  We do this by driving improvements in operating efficiencies, service levels, costs and management of risk.

We are an objective third party.

We do not sell or implement any product or accept any compensation from vendors or value-added resellers for our recommendations. Our advice is based on extensive knowledge across a range of industries including energy, financial services, insurance, retail, professional services, real estate, public sector and not-for-profit organizations.

We are committed to on-time and on-budget projects.

Unless you request additional services, there are no extra costs and we absorb risks associated with overruns on our services. That’s how confident we are in our skills, knowledge and proven project management techniques.

How is Safire Solutions different from any other consulting firm?

Business is about results. 

Safire’s approach is to be there for you when you need us.  We start with a hands-on assessment. Every situation calls for a unique approach. We may partner with management in an advisory capacity. Or, we can serve in an interim management role until that capacity is filled.  We do what’s necessary to achieve results, drive change and affect outcomes. 

Our knowledgeable professionals are focused on delivering results. They are solutions-focused with proven track records of delivering business success and growth. 

What is most important to us at Safire Solutions?

Exceeding client expectations is the most important thing to us. 

Providing an exceptional client experience to the highest possible standards at all times is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to provide friendly service and reliable advice you can count on. We build trust and confidence with our focus on cost efficiency and frequent, relevant communication. We focus on establishing a close and open relationship. We want to provide relevant insights that help you stay ahead of the curve. You know your business priorities, let us help you achieve those objectives.

Is service just about strong content knowledge? 

Service is built on trusted partnerships. 

It’s also about providing value. We understand the importance of enhanced operating results and we focus on the priorities that bring value to your business. Today that might be about managing risk, tomorrow about technological innovation, or next week about returning to growth, when you need a solution, we’re here to help you find and implement it.

Who are the people at Safire?

Our consultants are highly accomplished and experienced professionals.

Safire is a professional services firm founded and led by Bill Carr. Bill has over 35 years of business experience including leading both regional and national advisory practices as a partner at KPMG. Our team of operating executives, consultants, and advisory experts bring a hands-on and holistic approach to problem solving, nurturing potential, and initiating positive change.

Contact us and let us show you how we can help.